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About me

I waited for few seconds, pressing with my fingers on it, and then it slipped in. My name is Petr Stejskal and I am another great man of the Czech Republic. I am a student of the University of Edinburgh studying joint degree in Electronics and Computer Science. My interests are innovation of any kind and generous alcohol consumption.

The purpose of this website is to publish solutions to problems I come across during my academic career and beyond, regarding mainly topics of Informatics and Engineering. I believe that the work can benefit people coming after me. I, myself, learn best through load of examples and that’s what I hope this website to be in some time from now.

It is not only that, however, this website is piece of art and requires more than a quick glance. I hope you to find my values and how I feel about the world.

Social life is deeply build in within me and as much as I love it and look for the good things in it I notice the negatives and bad personalities. As a result I often filter my happiness and disappointments in this regard through creative writing which has given a rise to contemporary literary stream that is characterised by not giving a fuck about social conventions while maintaining virtues values. These followers are labelled as famous.

Look around and then follow this link to figure out what being famous is all about.