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Brief About

Dear Readers,

the purpose of this website is to publish solutions to problems I come across during my academic career and beyond, regarding mainly topics of Informatics and Engineering. I believe that the work can benefit people coming after me. I, myself, learn best through load of examples and that’s what I hope this website to be in some time from now.

However, do not perceive this website as a place with examples only, look at it rather with opened eyes and heart and try to look for the art in it. I hope you to find my values and how I feel about the world.

Social life is deeply built-in within me and as much as I love it and look for the good things in it, I occasionally notice the negatives. As a result, I often filter my happiness and disappointments in this regard through creative writing which has given a rise to contemporary literary stream that is characterised by following the arrow towards being a good man.  These followers are labelled as famous.

Look around and then follow this link to figure out what being famous is all about.

Thank you.