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My Readers,

the purpose of this website is to create a database of solved problems that fluctuate between topics of engineering, informatics, and popular science.

Difficult concepts are best learned through repetition of solved examples until gaining the strong base, even though this approach might not be applicable to everyone, this is one of the methods that has shown itself to be the most efficient.

This is no riddle, and neither is this work but do not scroll through it without giving it a thought because the work represents more than it shows.

On reaching the footer you might reach understanding of what you are seeing; which is a projection of someone else’s perception of the world.


it is not easy to be the judge of what fits the times and what should be scraped nonetheless there should exists a positive attitude to generative effort.

Among all the contemporary nuisance that easily entangles its recipient there certainly exists willingness to absorb unfamiliar influences which is, however, often discarded under the heavy load of familiar rubbish and might lead to complete disregard of ones striving.

Paper goes to waste paper basket and nuisance goes to the famous writers.

The disregard has led to a formation of a contemporary literary stream that is characterised by following the arrow towards being a generative man. These followers are labelled as famous.

Look around and then follow this link to figure out what being famous is all about.

Endorsed by goddesses.